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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Life can get overwhelming
And many things are not in my control
It's easy to become frustrated
When actions of others take their toll
But God and I have an arrangement
That's just between the two of us
He is a wise and true best friend
And gives me His full attentiveness
I tell Him the good, the bad, and the ugly
He knows it anyway
He listens with no condemnation
While my heart I try to convey
If anyone else is listening in
They might not like what they hear
Because what I say to God in prayer
Is only for His ears
Just because I say it in prayer
Doesn't mean that it's true
God helps me to sort it out
And see things from a different view
When I've said all I have to say
And my laments I've defined
God in his faithfulness always shows up
And here's the bottom line-

My feelings quickly come and go
With every direction the wind blows
My mind rationalizes almost anything
It's unreliable and accommodating
I need a firm foundation
A holy collaboration
Needing God is my admission
And I listen for His direction
No matter what I feel or say
God shows me His way
With Him I will align
And that's the bottom line

I don't always get it right
I only see in part
My humanness is all too real
But God sees my heart
While others look at what I do
And judgment is around me
I know my failures are washed away
And someone perfect is what God sees
My best is never good enough
No matter how hard I try
So when I mess up again and again
I look up to the sky
And say, "Thank You, Lord for everything.
Your grace has changed my life.
I know I've messed up once again
And caused more discord and strife.
Thanks to You I can keep on going
And this isn't the end.
It's another brand new day
And I get to try again."
I'm so glad to know
I can rest in God's grace
No matter what I think or feel
Jesus takes my place

With Him I will align
And that's the bottom line.

Written April 2017